TSIG Consulting Inc – Summary

About Us

TSIG Consulting, a Division of the Greeley Company. (TSIG) is an independent, privately owned national corporation, with a staff of over 50 professionals. Our roots are in architecture, systems development and accreditation compliance.

We are dedicated to providing health care institutions expert consultation in the area of accreditation, survey preparation and regulatory affairs. Our expert accreditation consultants provide opportunities for improving existing programs while partnering with organizational leaders to provide professional assessment, guidance and hands-on collaboration to help improve healthcare quality of service and provide for successful compliance outcomes.

For all of our clients: hospitals, universities, government agencies and private corporations, we specialize in implementing Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) systems, and developing accurate as-built CAD drawings to systematically improve both the financial and functional value of our client’s infrastructure.

The Way We Work

TSIG Consulting, a Division of the Greeley Company. (TSIG) works closely with every client to confirm timely and on-budget delivery. Employing a five step methodology we begin by defining requirements, initiating the preliminary work stage, engage in work development, perform QC testing and ultimately deliver the product to the client.  From start to finish our clients immediately realize the benefits in selecting TSIG for the job.

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